The Dirtiest Things in Your Home

Bacteria are everywhere. It is carried by everyone or anything. How do you rate your home’s cleanliness? It is good to know the things that will become the dirtiest things in your home if you neglect them to clean, even dirtier than a toilet bowl. Have you ever thought of washing your keys? In fact, home key is one of the dirtiest things in your home. It is because it is left or placed anywhere and held by anyone.

Other things are the keyboard, TV remote, smartphones and steering wheels, carpets, toys, light switches. Sometimes, you eat while engaging yourself in the computer leaving food remains on the keyboards. Eating while holding your smartphone. If it is neglected to be cleaned, bacteria will just rapidly grow thus making it very dirty. After using your toothbrush, do you keep or cover it properly? Bacteria are present in the air too.

If your toothbrush is not properly covered, it will be contaminated with bacteria. You might not know as well that cats or any pet in the house can lick it. Sponges, do you use the same sponges for plates and pans? If you neglect to clean or wash thoroughly sponges after using, food remains will be left causing it be smelly and dirty. Cutting board is one of the dirtiest things in your house. As there are strips created due to several cuttings done into the board, it is inevitable for meat or vegetables to remain some of their parts on it. So it is good to have a separate chopping board for meat and for vegetables. Pillows become dirty because of body sweating, saliva.

Get these stuffs clean and have a healthy home and healthy lifestyle.