My Home Cleaning Routine

Among all house chores, what I like the most is cleaning. It is very easy for me to clean and I enjoy doing it. I do not feel reluctant. It is just a part of me that I cannot be at ease without cleaning. I cannot leave the house if it is not organize. I cannot just rest if I see some sorts of untidiness. There are house cleaning that I do every day. There are other house cleaning that I do weekly also, monthly and quarterly.

Every time in the morning, I fold the blankets. It is so comfortable to see the bed neat and fixed upon arriving at home after work. But at least once a week, I do hang them outside to be refreshed and wash it at least once a month. My daily cleaning routine includes sweeping and fixing things to their places and dish washing. The reason I do these things every day is that anytime, visitors may come in my place. And as a host, I want to impress them and welcome them in my clean and neat place.

Every week, I do laundry and collection of garbage. But in some cases, especially for biodegradable garbage, I do it thrice a week. Doing laundry needs a bit long time that is why I do it weekly. If it is more than a week, everything will become messy already and there could be undesirable smell. Monthly routine includes deep cleaning. During quarterly schedule, I do decluttering and other heavy and deep cleaning that needs much time.