You Maintain Cleanliness: Mother’s Word

Women, when they get married, they take the responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the house. Otherwise, their house looks disastrous place. When they bear many children, they become more careful in making things organized for the sake of their children. Even if they have many children, it is a burden to neglect cleaning. They want to keep things in order for the preservation of the happiness of the family. When a house is dirty, it is assumed that a family is suffering from something.

Cleanliness is a symbol of a healthy family. When their children grows a little, they set examples by cleaning their house so that their children would imitate it when they grow up. They always remind their children to fix their things and keep the house clean and organized. This is a work of mother that is passed down from generation to generation. How can they bear doing all the housework everyday? Sometimes, they labor in order to feed their children. Mothers are truly strong, even become stronger than men for their children’s sake.

The moment when a mother leaves the house for a day or two, that is also the moment her children will realize the great role of a mother in maintaining their home as a place of happiness. They will realize that without their mother, the house becomes messy and uncomfortable place to live in especially when they are not trained to help their mother in daily chores. Clean Home is a Mother’s Influence.