Techniques to Improve Your Home Cleaning

Do you clean everyday? How long does cleanliness in your home lasts even without cleaning every single day? “Improve your home cleaning techniques and see the difference.”

Receiving visitors is always anticipated. A party or any events might be held in your home. Give the best shot of yours and pleasing impression by the cleanliness of your home. Having a clean and organized home gives less stress and it makes everyone comfortable. Who would want to stay comfortable in an untidy, crowded and unorganized home?

To have an organized home, you need to do decluttering. Remove unnecessary things in the wall, floor and kitchen and to every part of the house. You know, decluttering saves times, saves space and more ventilation. Does your stove getting dirty often? Apply a thin layer of wax on it after cleaning. This makes it shiny and keeps food from sticking to the surface. Having dirty shoes? Use nail polish remover to clean the stains right off. Difficulty in cleaning stainless steel appliances? Use furniture spray to make them even shiner. How about cloudy glasses? You’ve got to spray the insides with vinegar then wipe with a paper towel.  Smelly couch, dirty mattress? Fill up a spray bottle with disinfectives and spray on your mattress to completely disinfect. Stains from the toilet even after an extreme scrubbing? Use a bleach to disinfect. After a while, apply a vinegar or with coke with high acidity.

A kid and pet friendly cleaning solution, air refresher is more likely recommended. Just fill up a sprayer with vinegar and orange peels. Have a regular cleaning schedule, weekly, monthly, quarterly. Schedule a deep cleaning also. Additionally, keep your cleaning tools accessible. This will help you to do cleaning easier and faster.